Road Trip Thoughts.

  • Sure this year hasn’t been great, but we’re still fairly early in the Willenium so keep going, friends.
  • Does anyone know what the Pelaton lady from last year did with her bike? Cuz I’d like to buy one but don’t want to pay full price.
  • When I or someone near me says “Question” I wait to hear who finishes it correctly, and that’s who I know I like. Same with “to the left”.
  • Does Spotify do their year wrap up so early so that Christmas music doesn’t flood the system and we’re all just at Mariah for #1?
  • There should be a horror movie where the horror is you take the wrong direction on the 99/5 split.
    • Categorize under: local jokes get local work.
  • I’ve lived in LA long enough to have very strong freeway opinions.
    • Biggest one: when three cars pass you in the fast lane, you move over.
    • When the truckers turn their lights on, you turn your lights on.
  • It would be really fun to be so famous that people speculate about what songs are about you.
  • Until today, I thought Tim McGraw and Gavin McGraw were the same people, and I was like “why is this country person singing a 90’s pop song?”
  • I know all the words to One Week 😦
  • Fog lights are great for when you want other cars to see you, but you don’t want to see your dashboard.
  • I listened to a whole song thinking it was a different song, and the part I knew just hadn’t started yet. I was wrong. I wasn’t the song I knew. Still not recognizing it after minute 2 should have tipped me off. This is on me.
  • The Drops of Jupiter lady contains multitudes.
  • Just saw a hotel with a sign that said “Welcome Duck Hunters”. So that’s a thing.
  • I think I’m a dad because I keep telling myself to just roll down the window instead of using ac.
    • I also move over to the right lane within 10 miles of my exit.
    • One black coffee from McDonald’s. Enough said.
  • I totally forgot about the record scratch in All Star. Probably for the best.
  • “This is NOT the Savage Garden song I wanted” – me, out loud.
  • “Prose hair products not shampoo”. I think that’s just a note for me to check if they have any.
  • The sign says right two lanes exit but it’s a two lane road.
    • note: A third lane showed up.
  • When the sign says right five lanes go to hwy 5 I’m in the far right lane no question. I’m not taking any chances.
    • I don’t care if I’m stuck behind a truck going 40. Until I hit that exit I’m staying to the right to the right.
  • I had to loosen the snaps on my baseball cap. I thought I’d be done making that adjustment now that I’m 35.
  • Going to a club at 11:30 sounds worse than death so I guess I’m an old now. The ballers with the full grown pockets can have literally anyone else.
  • Passed a building in the East Bay that flashed the following on their big digital display:
    • Stay Safe
    • Loser
    • Stay Here
  • Croak Rd. That’s just a funny name.
  • How long until enough time has passed that the hitler mustache is ok again? I hope it’s never.
  • Is that Panic at the Disco song just about wedding etiquette?
  • The “She’s so High” guy and the girl in the One Direction song should get together and work on their self esteem.
  • I just couldn’t think of 1D and kept thinking 3LW.
  • That line about Will Smith not lighting the cuban cigar is so funny. Why. Kids have bigger smoking issues to deal with before Cuban cigars, I think?
  • NEVER ask Siri to add to an existing note. She will read off every title of every note and it will make you so sad about yourself.

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